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SARMOCARE Toothbrush Sanitizer, UV Toothbrush Holder with Sterilization Function, Build-in Fan, Rechargeable Battery and Toothpaste Holder with Toothpaste Squeezer

  • ✅[Multifunctional Design] This is a multiple-function sterlizer, which has sterilization and storage functions.Perfect for families. ❶It can keep 5 toothbrushes in order even electric toothbrushes; ❷Built-in Ultraviolet (UV) radiation let it function as a UV toothbrush holder, up to 99% of the sterilization rate.❸Toothpaste Squeezer.Easy to get all of the toothpaste down to the end of the tube.Save your money,reduce waste.
  • ✅[Rechargable Battery and Built-in Fan] -Worried that there is no outlets in the bathroom? SARMOCARE rechargable toothbrush sterilizer solves your worries.It is built in lithium polymer battery(1150mAh). About 4 hours charging by a USB cable can supports 25 times long using. With a build-in fan added,the UV toothbrush holder can accelerate air flow in the cabin,keep our toothbrushes in a good environment.
  • ✅[UVC Lights and Adhesive Pads] – The most advanced UV-C lamp destroys the DNA structures at wavelength C-Band with a proven sterilization rate of up to 99.9%. UV-C light can easily reach the root of toothbrush bristles. Unit will stop automatically after 6 minutes while clean is finishing. The mounting pad can bear up to 3kg. No need to worry about falling off. No drills needed.